Bank of China Luxembourg | Communication material

April 2021

Customer's request

The Bank of China Luxembourg moved into new premises at the beginning of 2021, and called on our agency to create various media. They want to set up a temporary staging for their in-house museum, retracing over 100 years of history. In addition, they need poster and rollup designs to promote their new address and reinforce their link with their home culture.

GOOD VIBES solution

We worked closely with the Bank of China Luxembourg to create a captivating setting for their in-house museum. The staging highlights their history and local roots, while creating a visual link with their culture of origin. We used a photo of the top floor of their new building, offering a magnificent view of the Pont Adolphe. To reinforce this cultural link, we added iconic silhouettes of Beijing, Shanghai and the Forbidden City. The slogan chosen, "Building bridges to new horizons", refers to the construction of their new building and symbolizes their commitment to exploring new opportunities.