40th Anniversary

For its 40th anniversary, the Bank of China Luxembourg wanted to demonstrate its anchorage in the local landscape while highlighting their traditional origins. 

The combination of the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg, a historical Luxembourg venue with a strong architectural character, and the outstanding traditional artists from the Opera of Pekin was an ideal symbiosis. After the official allocations, the artists performed for 1000 hand-picked guests. This beautiful evening ended with a walking dinner with Showcooking.

The evening was decorated in shades of pink; considered a shade of red and embodying the same meaning of good fortune and joy. A red carpet decorated with floral arrangements guided the guests to the ceremony. For the rest of the scenography we opted to work with more than 5000 peonies; a flower with Chinese origins; The flower was also included in the large plant wall that surrounded the reception hall. On the same occasion, an exhibition of Chinese artists was inaugurated in the Grand Theatre. 

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