Good Vibes is honoured to present you our last project for the Bank of china.

An amazing event in a beautifully ornate decor and an enviable venue.

Guests were escorted from cars to the second floor for a cocktail and were pleased to listen the Harpist’s melody.  The cocktail was followed with conferences about Investment institutions and commercial banks in an intimate and cosy ambiance. The Afternoon finished with a not to mention mouth-watering dish made by the star chef René Mathieu and featured with two talented violinists.

Sculptures have been designed in collaboration with Ben carter for the guests:

The front of the sculpture represents the Bourglinster Castle, Luxembourg Cathedrals and the famous Adolf bridge. The side elements symbolise the industrial heritage of the country, and that is why the whole sculpture is made from steel. The Cathedrals in the middle of have been covered with gold leaves to remind the theme of the event.

We would like to thank Bank of China Luxembourg for giving us the opportunity to realise such an amazing project and we look forward to realise more of these inspiring events.